Threat to Local Libraries

This bill will have a direct impact in our communities. Many libraries will in small communities will be forced to closed or cut back on services. The regional library systems currently provide grants and services to our local libraries which allow them to in turn serve the local community.
With the proliferation of technology, many believe that libraries are less vital to our communities. This is simply not true. There are many people who rely on the library for access to books for their children. For many this is their only opportunity to get books for their kids. This is key to helping them be prepared for school. Many others visit the library to access computers and technology. This is used for people searching for employment and for people who need to access social services. People visit the libraries to take online courses,
Without the regional library systems providing financial and other administrative support, many of these services would not be available in our communities.
I urge each of you to contact your representatives and urge them to vote to protect our libraries. You need to do this today or tomorrow as the hearing is on Monday afternoon.
This is not a republican issue or a democratic issue. It is a community issue. No need to post you comments bashing Governor Brownback or the evil Republicans or trying to lay blame at the foot of the Koch brothers. Those comments get old quickly and show that you are more interested in placing blame than working toward a solution.
Just close Facebook down for 5 minutes and send a quick email or make a phone call You won’t miss that much and may even make a difference!
You can find the tax committee members here.