Collateral Damage

One of the things that always strikes me about Clintons is the amount of collateral damage left behind in all of their scandals.

Robert Comey is in a no win situation. He is going to forever be known as a sell out who let Hillary Clinton off with her crimes or a political operative who tried to influence an election depending on which candidate one is backing.   The truth doesn’t matter at this point.   As Hillary Clinton said in her news conference on 10/28/2016, everyone has already decided about the emails.  Everyone knows that it was a mistake for her  to do, it was risky from a national security perspective and that it is a continual pattern of her behavior where rules do not apply to her.   I will leave it to trained law enforcement officers to determine criminality.  Each voter will have to decide at this point, if it raises to the level of making her unqualified to hold office.

We have all heard the stories about the Vince Foster suicide and other mysterious deaths. I do not know what Hillary’s involvement is with the deaths.  However, it is hard to ignore the amount of collateral damage that piles up from her misdeeds.  FBI Director Robert Comey as well as Attorney General Loretta Lynch will never leave Washington with their reputations intact.  Their integrity is always going to be questioned.  And they only have one person to blame for that.