Silent No More

It is normal to go through life wanting to avoid conflict.  Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to go is to just remain silent.  I am sure that most of us have heard at one time or another that is it not polite to discuss politics or religion in public.  We remain silent as to not offend friends,  family or even strangers who may not agree with us.  I have often been guilty of this.

But in reality, by remaining silent, we are actually hurting those that we care about more by not sharing the Truth with them.  How can we provide the education and information to others without providing another point of view than what they are accustomed to hearing?

  • I was silent when I worked with Sprint and they were bullied by the Human Rights Campaign into granting benefits to same sex couples even though money was coming out of my paychecks and into the pool of money to support those benefits.
  • I was silent when I was forced to make a decision between health benefits for my family or contributing to a pool of money that supports chemical abortions under the guise of birth control.
  • I was silent when I was a school board member and a young lady representing the school at a school sponsored event decided to hijack a cheer to asks her girlfriend to homecoming.
  • I was silent when my current employer began processing tax returns for “married” same sex couples even in states where it was not recognized.
  • I was silent when I was a school board member and my son came home from school and talked about how a teacher was referring to our KS governor as the devil because there was not an unlimited amount of money flowing to schools.
  • I was silent when I saw a young man being bullied into submission on Facebook because he said that he was tired of all the gay marriage post in his news feed even though he was a supporter.  I was silent when he felt the need to make a public apology.

It is often said that words can hurt.  But the argument can also be made that harm can also be done by our silence.  The millions that have been killed through the Holocaust, Abortion and Genocide around the globe while those of us who were not directly impacted remained silent is the most clear example of this.

For those that have been harmed by my silence, I apologize.

For those who are about the be offended by my words, I apologize for the offense.  However, I would do more harm by not sharing the truth with you.

Gay Marriage is wrong.   And is not Marriage.

There I said it.  I can’t take it back.

This is not about your right to be gay or to choose who you love. Yes, Love is a choice.  It is a choice we make everyday when we get up in morning. It is a conscious action of how we treat those that are important to us.  This is about the Truth and your right to told that Truth. Marriage is between a man and a woman period.  It is a societal norm that has existed for centuries and is based on natural law, religion and supported by basic biology and anatomy.  This can not be changed by 9 members of the Supreme Court.  The history of our country has shown that just because something is legal does not indicate that it is right.  This issue was decided in a manner that will further divide this country.  Gay marriage was legal in a majority if the states before this court case.  As a mobile society with open state borders, each of us had the option to reside in a state that recognized that relationship while respecting the right of self-government for those who wish to reside in a state that upholds the traditional definition of marriage.

For those who will label me a bigot or homophobic, I would asks that you provide me the respect to live my life as I chose and to have beliefs that are different from yours.  I promise that I will continue to treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve.  If what you desire is my approval for your beliefs or actions, you are going to be disappointed.

One of the greatest tragedies from this court ruling is the number of people who are going to be harmed by this.  This ruling will divide families, schools, communities and unfortunately will even divide churches.   I encourage each and everyone of you as we continue to debate this and disagree, that you continue to treat each other with the love ,dignity and respect that each of us deserves. There are going to be some who feel emboldened to “come out” and make public announcements concerning there sexuality.  Treat these people with compassion as I imagine it is a very difficult time in their lives as they deal with any fall out in their relationships with family and friends.  However, I also encourage you to continue to share the Truth with these individuals.  If you truly care about them, you will do them more good in the long run by your honesty than with your insincere acceptance of their actions.

On the positive side, I have seen many post and status by young men and women of faith that have given me much hope for our future.  And for that I am thankful.  I went to bed last night with a heavy heart and really concerned for my children and the world that they will inherit from my generation.  The example and strength that you have shown has made me realize that it is not a bad as I had imagined.  I will continue to pray for each and everyone of you as your take up your role in the world and provide the leadership to right this great ship that we call America.

I encourage you to continue to fight the good and speak the Truth.

Speaking the Truth does not make you a bigot or homophobic; it shows the character of your convictions.

Disagreeing with someone’s choices while treating them with love, respect and dignity is not bullying or being a hypocrite :  it shows your are standing firm for what you believe.

Stating that the Truth that marriage is only between and man and a woman does not make you a hater.  It makes you a lover who wants to share this Truth with others.

May God bless each and everyone of you and May God continue to bless America.