Bush vs Clinton

Haven’t we been here before!

I don’t know about you but I for one is not looking forward to another campaign with either of these two families.  We have heard all their policies and witnessed all their prior attempts to show that they are just like the rest of us:  that they know how to connect with the middle class.

No they don’t.  Neither Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush goes to bed at night worring that they are going to lose their job and not know how they are going support their family.  You can’t understand the struggles of trying to make  a living to support you family while making sure that you have the time to spend with them; to teach them right from wrong and give them the skills they need to succeed from reading a policy statement.  Somethings must be experienced first hand.

I am not begrudging them for their success.  I just don’t want another campaign season full of politicians who claim to be just like you and me.