The Scourging of Democracy

The two most abused tools of the Presidency in recent administrations have been recess appointments and executive orders.  Both mechanisms are in place to allow for the implementation of policies and the confirmation of staff when Congress is not in session.  The purpose is to allow the President to do the countries business when Congress is unavailable.

Today, President Obama did what many of his predecessors have done,abused his authority to drive a specific agenda that he knew would not get passed through the normal legislative process.  By making recess appointments that seem to contradict even his won administration policies he has effectively demonstrated that he does not care about the checks and balance role that Congress is constitutionally required to perform.

I do not have the time to research this completely now but will write a followup next week where I can discuss the abuses that have occurred in this area over the last 25 years.    I am sure that we will find many.